Company Optissimo Ltd exists for 22 years in the regional market. We are representatives and distributors od ophthalmic frames and sunglasses of the brand Silhouette from Austria for territory of Republic of Serbia, and also ophthalmic frames and sunglasses from Italian factories brands: Coliseum, Cotton Club, Clark and West.

Our assortment includes ophthalmic frames and sunglasses from Chinese manufacturers, optical merchandise goods from China, Hong Kong and domestic production.



Over 20 years since the establishment of the Optissimo company.


Representatives and distributors of ophthalmic frames and sunglasses. Sales of optical merchandise goods.



Silhouette, Coliseum, Cotton Club, Clark and West.


Silhouette International Schmied AG is a privately owned company of worldwide reputation, founded in 1964 with its manufacture of ophthalmic frames and sunglasses of premium quality. Many famous people from the world of politics, culture, science and art wear Silhouette products. Our company Optissimo Ltd is a Silhouette supplier and distributor for Republic of Serbia since 2002. Every year under our sponsorship we organize a Silhouette seminar in Serbia, where we promote brand, present innovation and transfer business energy on European and world level into our region.

Every year we are organizing a Silhouette seminar where we promote a brand and present innovations and business energy of Europe and world in to our region.


Our regular annual activities regarding promotion of Silhouette brand included
organization of two events in Linz (Austria):

– Linz Visit Serbia, 29 – 31.10.2019.

– East European Meeting, 4-7.10.2019.

Both of these events were pleasant and positive with professional approach of our associates from Silhouette, as well as representatives of our company, Optissimo. 32 representatives from Serbia and our region have attended Linz Visit Serbia event and they had a chance to visit company offices and production grounds, to get to know innovations and Silhouette company policy and also, to attend a course of marketing and placement strategy, promotion and brand sales and to pass technical training for which they receive a valid certificates. On return, visit to Belvedere castle and Parndorf shopping mall were organized. On a gala dinner, winners of Silhouette competition, Mirjana Cukucan from optical store Paradox Look, was awarded with a prize - Silhouette optical frame with first and last name engraved on it.


Optical merchandise goods





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